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Rice Bowl: brown rice, kimchi, avo, radish, raw lemony kale, natto

You see that natto peaking over the shoulder of the bowl? I am lucky enough to live within spitting distance of North America’s best natto producer. Blog post about this place forthcoming, hopefully. We also have some damn good kimchi represented here. Whenever my husband is away I treat myself to fancy kimchi. It’s not that he doesn’t like kimchi, it’s more about the fact that I LOVE kimchi.


Yuzu Marmalade: yuzu,sugar, honey

Just 3 ingredients! It’s a jam! It’s tea! It’s a spoonful indulged at first hastily and then slowly standing at the kitchen sink.


Goma-ae: ground sesame seed sauce

Every time I’m lucky enough to share a meal with good people at Ippuku I order goma-ae anything. But until 6:30pm on January 9, 2013 I didn’t own my own suribachi (すり鉢). A very happy impulse-not-really-impulse-because-I’ve-been-thinking-about-it-for-three-years buy!


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