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Rice Bowl: brown rice, kimchi, avo, radish, raw lemony kale, natto. You see that natto peaking over the shoulder of the bowl? I am lucky enough to live within spitting distance of North America’s best natto producer. We also have some damn good kimchi represented here. Whenever my husband is away I treat myself to fancy kimchi. It’s not that he doesn’t like kimchi, it’s more about the fact that I don’t mind eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Yuzu Marmalade: yuzu, sugar, honey. Just 3 ingredients! It’s a jam! It’s tea! It’s a spoonful indulged at first hastily and then slowly standing at the kitchen sink.


Goma-ae: ground sesame seed sauce. Every time I’m lucky enough to share a meal with good people at Ippuku I order goma-ae anything. But until 6:30pm on January 9, 2013 I didn’t own my own suribachi (すり鉢). A very happy impulse-not-really-impulse-because-I’ve-been-thinking-about-it-for-three-years buy!