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Growing up with a meyer lemon tree right outside my window I took for granted the sweet but not too sour perfection of this particular citrus. Many Bay Area residents with backyard meyer lemon trees are probably hitting that point of meyer lemon overload where you just can’t think of what to do with another lemon! While in Japan, I developed this creamy, chilled lemon dessert which is naturally dairy free and perfectly delicious.

Summer time in Japan is hot—so hot that I’m not sure I ate a single bite of hot food from May to September. This lemon cream dessert is perfect on a hot evening topped with a sprig of mint.

Recipe: Lemon Cream

1 block of tofu (silken and as fresh as possible—HodoSoy in the bay area is a great resource for fresh tofu)

zest of one organic lemon

juice of 2 lemons (strained)

sugar (the amount really depends on taste, and it can be quite a bit in order to counter the bitterness of tofu and acidity of the lemon, start with a quarter cup and taste as you blend. If using meyer lemons, the sugar content will be less because they are naturally sweeter.)

new ginger (optional) easily found in Japan, not so easy everywhere else. This ginger is naturally pink and usually sold as a root still attached to the green stalks. A teaspoon of grated new ginger will turn your lemon cream a blushing pink color!

Place the tofu, lemon zest and lemon juice in a blender and whirl it around until smooth. Quarter cup by quarter cup, add the sugar and taste along the way until you’ve reached a desired sweetness. Add the new ginger (if using) and blend once more. Immediately pour the mixture in 4 pretty cups (I like using Japanese tea cups or small cappuccino cups) and set in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Serve with small (preferably wooden) spoons with a mint sprig on top.